6/11/19: 2018-19 season ended with a 195 average. Team finished in 4th in 2nd half. Fun year. C U in September
12/24/18: Having a good season! Average 198. Team is in 2nd place! 5/9/18: Final night of the season 9-drop: 725 (799 with HDCP). 5th place and extra $$$$. Nice cap. Can't wait 'til September.
5/7/18: We are the champions! Final average 2017-2018: 192 (best since 2015). Most improved male in league (+15)
4/27/18: First entry in 11 months. It's been a great year. Started the season slowly on the Tuesday Night League at Ryan Amusements South Yarmouth on the team "Jake Rooney's". After being out of action due to my shoulder surgery on 5/5/17, season started slow with a 177 average. Team finished last in the first half of the 17/18 season. Since the beginning of the second half, I have been averaging over 200. Season peaked last Tuesday with a sweep over first place team! Average now at 192 heading into position round!! (NOTE: Got rid of "Rocket" and reverted to blue "Sting"! Big difference.
3/26/17: Average 185. Rotator Cuff tendonitis could end my season. Hurts to throw.
12/6/16: Average 188
11/6/16: Again bowling Tuesday nights in Yarmouth at Ryan Family Amusememts. Tuesday Mixers. Average is up a little since last year due to consistency. 189
4/30/16: Year ended with a 183 average. Back for another try in August.
1/6/16: New ball. Storm's "Rocket" drilled at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford on 1/1. Thumb too tight. On Tuesday during game three ball stuck in thumb and I almost landed in lane. Average down to 187. 10/26/15: Bowling on Tuesdays in Yarmouth this season. Great team and fun atmosphere. Average after a month 197. I'll take it.
6/17/15: Season ended on an up note and finished with an average of 192. 7 points off last years. Not returning to Hyannis this fall. Self demoting to the "minors" and Tuesday Nights in Yarmouth. Two reasons. Better schedule for family time and closer to home. Now that I am awaking at 4:15 each morning it's better to not have to travel back into Hyannis at 6PM.
4/16/15: Slump continues. Can't carry. Tonight there was a milestone. On lane 3 at Ryan Amusements in Hyannis Thursday night scratch league I struck on the first 12 shots. Yes a perfect games worth on the left lane. Unfortunately only 1 strike occurred on lane 4. Final scores 199 and 201. finished with a crappy 578. Avg still 190. 4 weeks left for 2015 season. Then I will move back to Yarmouth only on Tuesdays for Fall 2015. Two reasons. Since its closer to home, I won't have to venture back into Hyannis since my schedule has changed. Finally lets face it, I was the second worse Mens average holder in the league this season. Yarmouth mixed league will suit my competitive level in my old age :)

3/4/15: Slump continues. No 200s in weeks. Average 190.

1/16/2015: Worst slump in years. Average down to around 194. Back stiffness not helping.

10/15/14: Bowling page has moved back here, because nobody cares: BTW, average after 21 games in the 2014-15 season, is you guessed it 199.

6/10/14: Forgot to post about a "forgetful" season: averaged 199.2. A few back issues and several nights I had to miss prevented me from hitting the Mendoza mark. Hi game 266, but thankfully not too many dreadful games. 

8/30/13: I didn't update the end of the 2012-13 season? Finished with a 198 avg. and "most improved in the league award". The 2013-2014 season began last night. Didn't pick up a ball in 3 1/2 months. It felt heavy and I had pain in wrist and a few back tweaks. Still shot 589. 

2/17/13: Only bowling on Thursday this year in Hyannis. Very inconsistent year. Did bowl another 278 this season, and just rolled a 675 this past Thursday. Average now 197, after starting in the 180s in Hyannis!! Team highlight-rolled a 1000 in 1 game. Here's the proof: 

5/4/12: My gosh haven't updated this note in 1/2 a season. Well here are my final averages: Hyannis-195 Yarmouth-194
Season highlights: Shot a 280 (personal game high) in practice!Too bad it was practiceToo bad it was practiceHyannis: Team 8 2nd place scratch game; 943 (5/3/12-last night of season)
basically was slumping most of 1st half and didnt help with back injury. Around March 20, something clicked and I averaged well over 200 for the rest of season in both houses to finish where I did!

1/5/12: Mid season update:Tue: YARMOUTH-X-Men finish 3rd after collosal choke in game three. AVG: 192 (after high of 196)Thur: HYANNIS-P.E.D's finish 2nd despite my slumping 477!But after help from Troy Hindle and Rick Denton, and lots of practice this week, shot a 682 in Hyannis (whew).
10/18/11: another Andy Vera Pappa 11 in a row (over 2 games) front 8 in game 3 in Yarmouth for a 255.avgs: yarmouth 193 Hyannis 190
9/23/11: Fall leagues have begun, avgs: Tue: 187, Thur 185Tuesday Night league stats:
5/5/11: 701!! 2nd 7+ in my life, and the front 9 in game 2!
4/26/11: Best night in a very long night and position round in Yarmouth. Shot 672, with a 201 258 213. Last game needed 3 strikes for only my second 700. a 7-2 choke. also a VeraPappa 299 (11 in a row over 2 games)
3/26/11: I suck. Average way down in Hyannis after extended slump: 195. Yarmouth still 189.
biggest bowling event on TV since 1997biggest bowling event on TV since 1997
1/21/11: Another great night in Hyannis with a 677 (235, 224, 218). Finished 1st 1/2 of year in Hyannis with a 199.Looking forward to the PBA TOC on ABC tomorrow on ABC TV @ 2:30.

1/7/11: 1st time I ever shot 2 250s in a row. 253 and 257 for a 682. Avgs: 190 Yarm 197 Hyannis

12/17/10: averages: 189 Yarmouth (was at 191 earlier), 195 Hyannis (creeping up.....slow down your approach Fred!)

10/25/10: was sick 10/21, and first no show of season. Avgs: 188 Yarmouth, 193 Hyannis.

9/17/10: After a promising start to the new season on Tuesdays in Yarmouth (shot 633 this week) and a hot start to Thursdays in Hyannis (678 in week 1), I shot the worst game in my Thursday history with a 111 (the shit house). Followed with a 224 and a 178. HELP! BTW bowled in the Tuesday summer league in Yarmouth and averaged a 171.

UPDATE 5/13/10: Thursday night league in Hyannis has ended, and for me on a down note: Final avg. 198.3. Team rallied for 3rd place finish. Next bowling begins Tuesdays in Yarmouth May 25.

UPDATE 4/27/10: Tuesday Mixers at Ryan Family Amusements in Yarmouth is done for the season. Finished #2 in the league in average with a 188. Team "Blind Rage" finished 4th. Great team and most fun team I've ever been on. Still have three more weeks in Hyannis Thursdays. Average has been 199 for a month.

UPDATE 4/16/10: Kudos to Kevin who whooped my ass last night head-to-head on the Thursday league 637 to 619. $10 for Kev. Average update: Tue- 187 (2nd place in league!), Thur- 199.9 (can't get over that Mendoza line)

UPDATE 2/25/10: Slump definitely OVER: 650 Tuesday and 676 Tonight (with a 257). Woohoo!

UPDATE 2/18/10: Slump might be over. Shot a 671 in Hyannis tonight. (218, 206, 247).
Averages: YAR-183 HY-196. Last weekend in Falmouth tournament came in top 10 in doubles with Rooney. Then a 128 during my singles set. Geez. Hopefully thats the end of the slump.

UPDATE 1/29/10: The January SLUMP is on. Showed signs of life in Hyannis last night with a few 7 strike games, accompanied by a bunch of missed easy spares. Averages are down though:

December 29, 2009: averages- Tues@Yarmouth: 182 Thur@Hyannis: 200
Shot 257 in Yarmouth (but only a 596 series...stupid)
Off for 2 Thursdays due to holidays.
Got a Facebook message from Walter Ray Williams Jr, cool.

September 25, 2009: League averages to date:
Tuesdays-Yarmouth: 185
Thursdays-Hyannis: 188
I've been breaking in my new Hammer Black Widow Sting and am in a slight slump. But I have converted the last 10 10-pins so I am not complaining!

September 5, 2009: Quite the day I'll remember forever. Attended the PBA Motor City Classic at Thunderbowl near Detroit Michigan. Won an autographed official PBA pin and got additional autographs and photos from Chris Barnes, Walter Ray, Bill O'Neill, Pete Weber, Steve Jaros, Jack Jurek, and Randy Peterson. Click here for my official Facebook photo page:

August 27, 2009: Thursday night Hyannis league starts tonight. Over summer bowled in Yarmouth Tuesday night league and averaged 184 (3rd in league). Team 6-came in 3rd, Purchased new bowling ball at Wonderbowl in New Bedford. Drilled by Mike (highly recommend)a new 14 pound Hammer "Black Widow Sting".

May 27, 2009: Final 2008-9 season averages:
Tuesday Summer League began last night: 619

April 26, 2009: After the 269, slipped into a huge slump, and finally bowled an actual 200 game this past Thursday. Tuesday league ends this week. Final avg. 183. 10 pins better than last year. still 3 weeks left on Thursdays.
avgs: Tue: 183, Thur: 194

February 20: Shot a 269 Thursday night (2nd best single) and continue to average around 220 for the past two weeks. By far the best stretch of bowling of my life. Off to Falmouth's Trade Center Bowling tournament to see if I can sneak into the tournament
Yarmouth: 185
Hyannis: 198

February 12, 2009: Its been a good week. Broke a Yarmouth Series record with 683 (237/244/202) and shot a 637 tonite in Hyannis (211/227/199).
Current Averages:
Yarmouth: 183
Hyannis: 197

January 15, 2009: Bowled the singles/doubles tourney in Yarmouth. Shot under 500 the first week with Billy Smith and we were close to the bottom. (yuck). Came back for the singles and threw a 650 and came in 7th!!! Bowling better in Yarmouth then Hyannis lately!!

November 13, 2008: Another single game record in Hyannis with a 278!! Threw the front 9 then left the 9 pin in 10th.

October 30: No records but a nice 658, even though I missed 7 spares. 22 strikes, and a 247.

October 23, 2008: Broke personal high game with a 266 in Hyannis. Series was a 604 with a crappy 160 and 178 for the other 2.

October 2, 2008: Broke another record tonight with a 706 series in Hyannis. 216, 255, and 235!

September 19, 2008: Broke a new personal single game record with a 258 in Hyannis. This of course after a putrid 167 and 136. Nevertheless, averaged 186 for the night and my Thursday average is still at 196. can't say the same for Tuesdays where my average is under 170 now.

September 4, 2008: My first night bowling on Thursdays at Ryan Amusements in Hyannis on the 3 man team #6. 222, 187, 244!!! For a 653. I have a 217 average. The 653 is a personal series high. Wow!

May 20, 2008: Last night of Tuesday league. We (Spares R Us) finished in 2nd place. Final average: 174.7 (after a high of 178). On the final nite with nothing on the line, we voted on a 9 drop tourney. I rolled a 701!! And a high of 268. Only 3 9-drop strikes, all the rest legit!!

This just in: I broke a personal record Tuesday Night with a 257!!

PERSONAL STATS!! I bowl Tuesday Nights in South Yarmouth at Ryan Amusements, and now Thursday Night in Hyannis in the scratch league (no handicaps)
Here is a link to the standings of "Tuesday Night Mixers" at Ryan Family Amusements in South Yarmouth:
Steve's current average: 183-Tuesday
Steve's current High Game: 278 (11/13/08)
Steve's current High Series: 706 (10/2/08)
Steve's Averages by year:
2008-9: Yarmouth 183 (final) Hyannis 194
2007-8: 174
2006-7: 165
2005-6: 158
2004-5: 153
Steve's favorite current pro bowlers:
Walter Ray Williams Jr.,
Norm Duke
Chris Barnes
Steve's favorite bowler of all time: Earl Anthony
Runner up: Nelson Burton, Jr.

4/4/08 Funny story: Practicing up for the big event Sunday, I subbed in Hyannis Thursday. So, after a lowly 139 and 156, I began game three with a 52 in the fifth. A last ditch effort adjustment to the deep outside line did the trick. 7 strikes in a row later I finished the game with a 202. I'm ready for the tourney!!


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  2. Ah, I've found another bowling radio guy... we'll get that average up to 200 in no time!

    All the best,
    Travis Sparks

  3. Travis my man!! Long time no talk. Last night I rolled a 225, then needed a strike for my first league series with 2-200s. Got a washout!! Bowled a 196. Choker.
    Here's hot hit number 5 for Pottsville on the hot spot!

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