Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aircheck of The Week!


WEBE "WeeBee 108" August 25, 1984
The late Curtis W. Hansen
Storm N Norman

Courtesy of Vince Cremona, who was my GM at Qantum 2003-2006, gave me this classic from the first days of WEBE, where he held the GM post for over two decades. Coincidentally, Curtis W. gave me my first taste of commercial radio interning at WAVZ/WKCI in 1980 when I was just 16!


  1. I did radio for 30 years. Harry Nelson once critiqued my aircheck in the 70's, when he was at WRKO. My background was mostly country.

  2. Thanks Joe appreciate the comment!!!

  3. Steve you are nice to say that - and you are so kind to post this. Wow, 34 years ago. I must have still been in elementary school.:) Can I just say that you are amazing when it comes to your attention to radio history? You have so much history archived. Such a student of the sound and how it has evolved. Those of us in the business are lucky to have you in our lives! Thank you!

    Joseph, Harry is an incredible talent. Funny story involving Harry. Now, when I worked with him at this station in Portland, he'd call a jock meeting, we'd all come to the station, and then pile into the station van. Next we'd stop for take-out chicken, then back in the van we'd go. We would then drive around Portland listening to our airchecks in the dashboard cassette player. Harry would critique, we'd eat and listen and undoubtedly at some point, we'd all eff-up a break. Harry would turn around, give you that stare. You would turn beet-red. Then he'd teach and then we would bust a gut laughing because he would joke about your awful break. We had the best time. Harry always managed to bring his staff closer together. We would do anything for Harry, and the radio station would kick ass because of it. It was the same when I worked with him at WZOU in Boston later in the '80's.

    Harry Nelson is one of God's gifts to radio. His philosophy, attitude and compassion have been with me always. Whenever I think this business is trying to chew me up and spit me out, I think of Harry and what I learned from watching him. A friend, a gentleman, and someone I am truly grateful for ever having met.

  4. John, thanks so much for the comment and your kind words. I'm honored and humbled that so many of the DJs I loved as a kid I can now consider as true friends. Imagine, 9 years after I recorded you, we worked together at WERZ, and now 25 years later we are reminiscing!

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  5. "you can nail it to the wall, if you call!" ha that's radio! -Lapis

  6. Thanks Brian!!! Better watch out there might be some Brian B. Wilde featured soon!!

  7. Say, that's Beau Coup that made the jingles for WGCL back in the '80's!